Target Trap

Just One Thing

Just one thing, just one thing! Ah, yes, Target! Target has everything: cute clothes, fun kitchenware, toys for kids, books, movies, food, and the list could go on and on. What is it about Target? When we walk in we have to chant this mantra of, “I’m only here for one thing…I’m only here for […]

How Saving Money is About Mindset: 3 ...

Be in control

Saving money. This is a big one I encounter with many clients. The good thing and bad thing about money is that it makes people emotional. Not having money, not being able to save money, or too many bills can often trigger negative emotions for people. On the other hand, the good news is when […]

Six Things a Financial Coach Can Help...

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Tons of people know what a financial advisor is, but I find many do not fully understand exactly what it is a financial coach helps with. There is a significant difference between an advisor and a coach in St. Louis (and elsewhere). Advisors offer you an array of investments, and all variations of insurance. While […]