Small Business Finances

Small Business Finances

Small businesses can shape a community. Sadly, many small businesses don’t get the chance to make their mark because the business doesn’t last. Let me show you how to build your business on a firm foundation. Don’t start in the red.

Helping small businesses become successful, thriving businesses is something of an obsession of mine. It hurts to see small businesses fold up and close their doors, especially knowing that many times the business would have succeeded with the proper financial plan.

Something I want every business owner to hear: not everyone is good at everything. You wouldn’t call a veterinarian to perform open-heart surgery on your loved one. Why not use a financial expert to keep your business healthy and thriving?

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“Kim has touched so many lives around me, and has inspired so many people to get their lives straightened out with their finances. As a small business owner, Kim is able to help me make wise decisions with money and show me which areas I need to be saving or spending more. If you’re drowning in debt or wondering why you can’t seem to get ahead with your finances, call Kim and get a plan together for your life or business!”
–Annie H.

“Kim Smith is passionate about many things, and one of those things is seeing people get out of debt and begin living in the abundance of life that God intends. We are forever grateful for her helping us examine our situation and developing a plan that will prepare us for the future. We now have structure and control over our finances, and are planning rather than reacting with our income – thanks to Kim. We not only consider her our financial counselor, but one of our closest friends. We can with confidence assure you that if you are willing to give 100% to turning your financial situation around, Kim will give 110%. You will not regret your decision!”
–Joe & Becky L.