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Taking the first step with anything can be the hardest. But I promise to make it as easy and pain-free as possible. Start on the journey to becoming debt-free today by scheduling your free session with me.

During your free session, we will talk about your goals.

We will figure out where you are right now and what needs to happen first. I won’t focus on the mountain. Instead, we will focus on tackling your debt one step at a time.

While expecting you to do your part, I will walk with you as we travel each step. Each step completed is a goal achieved that deserves and needs celebration. I am here to cheer you at each success and to keep you accountable during the process.

Contact me by calling (636) 675-3829 or fill out the form below to schedule your free session.

The sooner you begin, the sooner you will achieve financial freedom!


“Kim Smith introduced me to a financial structure that literally turned our world around for the better. In addition to introducing us to these principles, Kim has served as a strong resource to ensure we continue down the right path toward Financial Freedom and Peace. I consider Kim to be a very close friend and Sister in Christ, but also a very thorough and dependable Financial Coach.”

— Jeff C.

“Kim Smith makes financial wellness coaching not only professional but personal in a way that’s comforting. You can tell she really wants nothing but the best for her clients. I was able to personally sit down with her for a consultation and she showcases so much knowledge and real-life experience that it’s impossible not to trust her completely. I highly recommend Kim Smith Coaching for individuals, families, and small businesses who need expert financial wellness advice!”

— Stephanie N.

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